Thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer for Cutworx USA.  Cutworx USA is one of the largest and fastest growing finishing solution brands for the graphics and sign industry in North America.  Cutworx USA is always looking for strong dealer partners in strategic markets.

After you have reviewed the information provided, please fill out the Become a Dealer form.

Once you have submitted the form, a Dealer Sales Representative will contact you to provide you with additional information about becoming a dealer.

Thank you once again for your interest in Cutworx USA finishing solutions. 

Characteristics of a Successful Cutworx USA Dealer

Successful Cutworx USA dealers come in many shapes and sizes and can be located in a variety of markets.  Below are a few key characteristics that set apart successful dealers from their less successful counterparts.
  • Hands on Inventory
  • Professional Technical Support
  • Motivated and Knowledgeable Sales Staff
  • Emphasis on Excellent Customer Service
  • Strong Marketing Plan with a Consistent Branding Strategy
  • Understanding of Local Competitive Atmosphere
Frequently Ask Questions
Q. How large of a territory/sales area will I have if I become a dealer?
A. Sales areas are determined on an individual basis and are strongly influenced by a number of factors. Some factors that help determine a sales area include: market size, population density, market demographics, dealer's location and facilities.

Q. What type of margins can a Cutworx USA dealer expect?
A. Cutworx USA distributes a large selection of finishing equipment.  This means profitability can be maximized at the dealer level. 

Q. Can Cutworx USA help with marketing?
A. Cutworx USA offers its dealers a large selection of marketing support.  

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