We bought the CWT table after comparing it to several competitors and finding it to be the best overall value for our shop. We knew that purchasing the CWT 1640 would increase our speed with applying prints but never imagined how efficient it would make laying cut vinyl. Jobs that would have taken an entire day are done in less than two hours with no bubbles or wrinkles, the job looks painted on. We can mount 5’x 10’ prints without lamination or tape in matter of minutes with no problems. The machine has not only increased our production capabilities but it has also eliminated many of the problems we had laying vinyl by hand. This table has almost no learning curve and you can teach someone how to apply vinyl perfectly in a matter of minutes. Compare that to trying to teach a new person how to squeegee vinyl by hand. We’ve had this table for 6 months now and I would say it has already paid for itself. If you wish you had a flatbed printer but can’t afford one this table is a great alternative.

Rick Alan Lenz, Owner, FASTSIGNS of Greenville, SC 
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